Quotes: The role and mission of the church

The following is a compilation of quotes concerning the role and mission of the local church. This compilation will be added to as quotes are gained that are topic related.


“Worship at its best is a social experience with people of all levels of life coming together to realize their oneness and unity under God. Whenever the church, consciously or unconsciously, caters to one class it loses its spiritual force of the “whosoever will, let him come” doctrine, and is in danger of becoming little more than a social club with a thin veneer of religiosity.” Martin Luther King Jr., Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story, New York, NY: Harper & Row Publishers Incorporated, 1958/1964, p.10


“If ministers of the gospel were more hearty in their work of preaching; if, instead of giving lectures, and devoting a large part of their time to literary and political pursuits, they would preach the Word of God, and preach it as if they were pleading for their own lives,ah! then, my brethren, we might expect a great success; but we cannot expect it while we go about our work in a half-hearted way, and have not that zeal, that earnestness, that deep purpose, which characterized those men of old.” Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Spurgeon’s Sermons: Volume 1, Sermon XVI: Missions, Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Books, 1996/2004, pp. 325-326


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