Something to consider about defining marriage

We can debate about religion, etymology, and the legal definition of marriage all day, but there is one thing that no one has considered. How does one consummate a marriage? Unless it is a man and a woman, it is impossible. To consummate means to consume through mating. Every state in the union can annul any “legal” marriage as never happening if it was never consummated. The physical act is what seals the one flesh relationship making it a marriage of two people. Biblically speaking, in Genesis 29 Jacob had a wedding with Rachel, but unknowingly slept with her older sister Leah. When he woke up in the morning he was married to Leah. This is why Paul compares sleeping with a prostitute as a marriage in 1 Corinthians 6. That being said, the meaning of matrimony literally means one matron or woman. The word mate is derived from the Greek biological word gamete, which means a fertilized egg cell. Monogamy literally means a relationship between one man and woman where a gamete or children are produced. No matter how you cut it, there is nothing biologically, historically, etymolically, physically, or Biblically that defines marriage or supports the redefining of marriage as being anything other than one man and one woman. The very term adultery means to pollutute or contaminate a marriage. With these facts, redefining marriage because someone says so is as achievable as someone announcing that they are a dog and no longer human. Impossible without having a reprobate mind.

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