Why is there advertising?

Ads at Wisdom4Today

Q: Why is there advertising at Wisdom4Today you ask?

A: There are many reasons why we have advertising at Wisdom4Today. The primary reason is that we want to provide our guests with resources that they can use to help in strengthening their relationship and walk with Jesus Christ. At the same time, we also want to help in the practice of faithful stewardship so that our guests can get the best price possible for what they are seeking to purchase.

Q: How do you choose what ads to show?

A: There are two primary concerns when it comes to ads. First, is the ad should be one that has edifying content and does not bring dishonor to God. In many cases we have made the effort to place ads that have a common theme for the content on the page. For example, if the content is related to why some believers dress a certain conservative way, there may be ads to offer conservative clothing to those so desiring the same. Likewise, if the content is related to a certain theological topic, there may be ads for study aids that can be used for continued study.

Second, the ad should be of the type that does not cause interruption of your guest experience. One of the most annoying things, especially when looking at a web site using a mobile device, is when you have to constantly fight off the ads that are interrupting you ability to read or listen to the content. It reminds me of trying to eat a picnic lunch out doors and you spend almost all of your time swatting away flies and cannot enjoy your meal. For this reason, we do not use popups and limit the number of ads on a content page. On the other hand, if you are accessing the Wisdom4Today store, there would be more ads so as to provide the best selection to our guests.

If you see any advertising on our site that you think is not appropriate or annoying, please let us know right away. We take great care to make sure our ads are filtered for appropriateness and type. However, sometimes ads will be generated based on the information stored in “cookies” on the reader’s computer. In one instance, we did have a guest advise that they were seeing ads on a Biblical marriage article for an organization that provides the ability for married people to have affairs. We investigated and found that Wisdom4Today created ads were not serving up the ad, the advertiser was presenting an ad based on the information on the reader’s computer. In that case, the guest had to resolve the issue.

Q: Aren’t you just using advertising to get rich off your readers?

A: The simple answer is no. When it comes to items developed “in house,” we want to provide the items at the lowest price possible to cover expenses and to help us expand our ability to provide more resources to our guests. For example, many instructional materials can be downloaded for free using certain formats. However, if a hard copy book or a version of a publication that will run on a popular reader is wanted, then the costs of producing these items is higher. However, we still want to provide it to our guests at the best price possible.

Likewise, certain vendors have given us the ability to offer things on our site for our guests to order. The prices listed are their best available prices, yet the vendors will provide a small commission to the ministry out of that price on items ordered. The commissions are not much, but they do help defray a small part of the ministry expenses. This being said, 100% of the commissions at Wisdom4Today go to support our church ministry at Selah Mountain. Likewise, no one receives any compensation from these sales and the total ad revenue covers only a small part of our ministry expenses.

Q: How can I help support the ministry needs of Selah Mountain?

A: Your primary support is your prayer for our ministry. Pray that God blesses us with the ability to share His Wisdom by whatever means possible so that anyone who wants or needs to hear the truth can receive it. Pray that God would enable us to be wise stewards of the offerings we receive so that they are used in the most cost effective way to accomplish His mission. Pray that God will provide for our needs when it comes to the assets and time required to devote to ministry operations. Pray that our guests will take full advantage of our ministry offerings and use us to purchase items needed to provide for their ministry.

Finally, we pray that if God has inspired you to help with the financial needs of our ministry that you would do so either through your direct donations or ordering through our ministry as God would lead you. Direct donations, are currently tax deductible and can be made at the Selah Mountain church website. Orders for items advertised at Wisdom4Today are not tax deductible as priced and may be placed here at Wisdom4Today.

If you have any other questions. please do not hesitate to contact us.


Dr. Mike