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30 Day Boot Camp for Defeating Satan in Spiritual Warfare

30 Day Boot Camp For Defeating Satan in Spiritual Warfare
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Spiritual warfare is a subject that many believers and nonbelievers avoid. Mostly because they simply do not believe it is real or they do not know how to deal with it. On this 30 day journey you will be progressively challenged to prepare yourself for spiritual warfare and then engage in battle. Dr. Mike shares from his own military experience as he offers the tools that are available for spiritual warfare straight from the pages of Scripture. During your boot camp you will face “Hell Week”, become “Spirit Strong”, learn how you can “Know the Enemy”, “Prepare for Battle”, and ultimately “Defeat the Enemy”. In the end you will be confident in how you can have victory over Satan as you walk in newness of life.



Grow Closer to Christ in 30 Days: Daily Challenges Sure to Increase Your Faith (Paperback & Kindle)

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Take a 30 day journey toward drawing closer to Christ as Dr. Mike presents a unique approach in this daily devotional. These devotions are built around the Lord’s lesson plan from Acts Chapter 2. But don’t just read, put your faith into action as you increase your faith with each daily challenge. We pray that as you build your faith through these lessons that you come away refreshed and renewed, ready to continue daily in God’s Word.




King James Old English Word Definition Guide (3rd Edition Paperback)

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kjoewdg front coverThe King James Old English Word Definition Guide, 3rd edition, KJV 400th Anniversary Pocket Size, enables the user to read the most accurate English Bible ever translated from the historically reliable Masoretic Hebrew and Received Greek texts without struggling with the Old English words. Originally published in 2001 followed by a 2nd edition revision in 2008, this 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible 3rd edition substantially adds to the previous editions. This 3rd edition adds two hundred more Old English words for a new total of over eight hundred words. It adds a new section of King James helps, which explain some of the techniques the translators used to ensure important information in the original texts was clarified and communicated. Finally this edition is smaller in size so it fits better inside a Bible cover, pocket, or purse. This resource is written and published by Dr. Michael L. Williams. Click on the picture above for ordering information.


KJV Bible Verse Reference Guide: Bible Verses Arranged by Topic (by Pamela Rose Williams)

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cover_KJV_bible200x320The beloved King James Version of the Bible has been around for more than 400 years. The KJV Bible Verse Reference Guide: Bible Verses Arranged by Topic is the perfect companion to this bestselling translation of the Bible to add to your library. Pamela Rose Williams has been collecting KJV Bible verses for many years and now you can own her handy reference guide that includes hundreds and hundreds of Bible verses. Popular topics such as: creation, faith, life, marriage, peace, praise, salvation, truth and many, many more are included. The guide is arranged into the major categories of Character, General Topics, Life Challenges and Physical/Spiritual. It is a great tool for personal and family study as well as ministry reference. This is a must have for every Christian that seeks to cultivate their relationship with Jesus Christ.


Silenced in the Schoolhouse: How Biblical illiteracy in our schools is destroying America (Paperback)

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America is in the middle of a cultural meltdown. Despite a slew of new psychiatric drugs and treatments as well as politicians and educators who claim to have the answers to stop it, every American family has been affected. Millions are frantically searching for anyone who has answers to their problems. What created this meltdown? This meltdown was created by Biblical illiteracy, which is the direct result of God being “Silenced in the Schoolhouse”. —Dr. Michael L. Williams

Silenced in the Schoolhouse tells the story how: • The Founding Fathers believed the Gospel of Jesus Christ was the foundation of our freedom and the model for our constitutional republic • The Founding Fathers were Biblically literate, believed Biblical literacy was important to ensure our freedom, and should be taught in our schools • The “separation of church and state” as defined today is not anything like what Jefferson described in his letters. (208 pages)